Summary of Service Trade Work in 2017

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      In 2017, we actively carried out trade in services and achieved better results than last year. Exports of service trade are expected to reach RMB400 million, up 67% year-on-year. The work is summarized as follows:

I. We will step up visits to guide and develop our service trade team. In order to promote more enterprises in our city to develop service trade, we take cultivating service trade enterprises as an important task. Organize department personnel to visit mechanical and electrical products and high-tech R&D enterprises many times, guide and help enterprises to develop service outsourcing business in industrial design, inspection and testing, strengthen the construction of R&D centers and testing centers, and provide strong support for enterprises to carry out service outsourcing business. This year, eight service outsourcing enterprises, including Bethel Auto and PIDC New Materials, have been added, more than 50 service outsourcing contracts have been signed, and the offshore execution amount of service outsourcing is more than USD18 million. We will guide more than 20 enterprises such as Asia Mechanical & Electrical, Hanmei Industrial and Nissin Industry to vigorously develop processing services and promote the continuous expansion of our service trade team, with processing service exports exceeding USD37 million.

II. Actively promote support policies and strive for higher-level support funds. Weihai City, as a national pilot city for innovative development of service trade, has issued a series of policies to support the development of service trade. In order to enable our enterprises to fully understand these policies and strive for supporting funds to the greatest extent, we have invited Weihai experts to give lectures, visited enterprises to publicize and work QQ group notices and other ways to publicize the supporting policies to enterprises, and timely organize and guide enterprises to declare. This year, a total of 10 enterprises were organized to apply for 15 kinds of support funds in 4 major categories, including service trade export, international certification, import of productive services, and establishment of research and development and testing centers. The total amount of funds won was RMB1.281 million, up 39% over the same period last year, which strongly supported enterprises to better develop service trade.

III. Take a variety of effective forms to vigorously train service trade talents. We will focus on training service outsourcing talents as an important basic work to promote the development of service outsourcing, encourage and guide Shangdong Vocational College of Foreign Affairs Translation and Rushan Smart Maker Vocational Training School to improve their curriculum system and teaching mode, actively carry out multi-form and multi-level training of service outsourcing talents, and at the same time organize and guide these two training institutions to actively declare and successfully pass the evaluation and confirmation of “Provincial Service Outsourcing Talents Training Institution” of Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce. To further strengthen cooperation in running schools, professional co-construction and order-based personnel training, strive to expand the scale of training and upgrade the level of training, so as to create a better software and hardware environment for the college to better carry out service outsourcing training; At the same time, by inviting experts from Weihai to give lectures, visiting enterprises for guidance, evaluating and selecting the best, etc., the training and guidance of service trade statisticians of enterprises will be strengthened, and the auditing of data entered by enterprises in the service trade statistics system and service outsourcing statistics system of the Ministry of Commerce will be well done, which will provide a strong guarantee for talents to truly reflect the service trade status of our city through statistical data.

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