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High-level Contact Continues to Drive Rushan City to Launch Investment Promotion Activities in Japan and South Korea

In order to promote economic and trade exchanges and cooperation with Japan and South Korea and further deepen the work of attracting foreign investment to Japan and South Korea, a delegation of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of the Warring States Period visited Japan and South Korea from March 24 to March 31 to carry out docking activities, which achieved positive results. During its stay in Japan, the delegation successively connected with four enterprises, including AGRI Co., Ltd., KANEYA CO., LTD., Xanadu Co., Ltd., Sakoda Shop CO., LTD. etc. During its stay in South Korea, the delegation successively connected with five key enterprises, including KOREA HANYOUNG CO., LTD., Seoul Flavor and Fragrance Co., Ltd., DHK Korea Co., Ltd., REGEN Medical Group and National Industry Co., Ltd., etc. to promote the process of the ongoing project and collect new project information. In South Korea's sister city- Hanam-Si, we have learned advanced concepts and technologies of environmental management from abroad by examining environmental infrastructure in Hanam-Si. We have also learned a new pattern of using effective space, rationally distributing and developing industries from abroad by examining the construction of knowledge industry parks. We have reached several important consensuses with Hanam-Si in continuing to expand cooperation in economic, trade and cultural fields. The delegation also took part in important activities such as “China-South Korea Local Economic Cooperation and FTA Policy Promotion Meeting”. Yu Xiaodong, director of the Ministry of Commerce, accompanied the related activities.

On March 25, the delegation visited AGRI Co., Ltd. of Japan, met with former Director Ryosuke Uehara, inspected the company's efficient ecological strawberry cultivation system and strawberry processing workshop, and discussed the company's strawberry cultivation system processing project in Rushan for sale in China. This led the company to introduce strawberry cultivation systems and techniques to Rushan this year, and to use Rushan as a pilot to promote its production mode nationwide.

On March 26, the delegation visited KANEYA CO., LTD. and had a talk with President Matsuo Aoyama. They reached an agreement on the construction of modern agricultural projects such as flowers, fruits and vegetables with a total investment of us $3 million in Rushan. In the afternoon, the delegation visited Tokyo Xanadu Co., Ltd. to introduce and exchange Rushan's investment environment and industrial advantages with the guests, and held in-depth discussions on the project of building a tourism complex by utilizing Rushan's beautiful natural environment. The guests will come to our city in April for further investigation and exchange.

On March 27, the delegation visited Sakoda Shop CO., LTD., met with the president of Sakoda Shop CO., LTD., inspected the site of the company's scrap car decomposition, and exchanged and discussed the company's investment in the scrap car decomposition project in Rushan.

On the morning of March 28, the delegation visited HANYOUNG CO., LTD. in Hanam-Si to actively promote the city's situation to the company. They had a discussion and exchange on pushing the company to set up an oven processing plant in the city. The company expressed strong interest in cooperation. In the afternoon, the delegation visited knowledge industry park, environmental infrastructure, star plaza and sister international city parks in Hanam-Si, and held friendly cooperation and exchange discussions with the mayor of Sang Ho Kim, municipal government of Hanam-Si, reaching a lot of consensus on expanding cooperation and exchange between the two cities.

On the morning of March 29, the delegation visited President Cho Byung-Hae of Seoul Flavor and Fragrance Co., Ltd. and reached a preliminary cooperation intention on the cooperation between Xingyeyuan Company and it in the production of bean sprouts, Tofu and products imported from Seoul Flavor and Fragrance Co., Ltd. The Seoul Flavor and Fragrance Company decided to come to Rushan in April for further investigation and docking. In the afternoon, the delegation visited DHK Korea Co., Ltd. to actively promote the landing process of the Korea Commodity City set up by the project in our city, and introduced to the customers relevant preferential policies such as the local economic cooperation demonstration zone of the China-South Korea Free Trade Zone, Weihai pilot city for innovative development of service trade, and cross-border electronic commerce comprehensive experimental zone, so as to help the enterprises to receive funds as soon as possible and become bigger and stronger. Later, the delegation visited REGEN and communicated with customers on developing medical cooperation and introducing related medical projects.

On March 30, the delegation participated in the “China-South Korea Local Economic Cooperation and FTA Policy Promotion Meeting” to have in-depth exchanges with participating businessmen. After the meeting, the delegation met with President Lee Yunbok of Korea National Industry Co., Ltd. and had in-depth discussions on how to operate the South Korean incubator set up in Rushan more effectively and introduce high-end incubation projects.

South Korea Seoul Flavor and Fragrance Co., Ltd. Came to Rushan for Discussing Cooperation

From April 29 to 30, President Cho Byung-Hae of Seoul Flavor and Fragrance Co., Ltd. and his party came to inspect Rushan and discuss cooperation. The delegation successively went to Hualong (Rushan) Foodstuffs, Good Brothers Food, Xingyeyuan, Shutailang, Runxing Kanghong and other enterprises for exchange and negotiation. They conducted in-depth discussions on the import and export, agency sales, cooperative production and other aspects of the superior products produced by the enterprises, and reached a preliminary cooperation intention.

Profile of Seoul Flavor and Fragrance Co., Ltd.: the company was established in 1974. The company started with the production of spices (edible spices and cosmetics spices) and is currently the largest spice production enterprise in South Korea. In addition, the subordinates of the enterprise also include more than 100 kinds of products such as Tofu and bean products, bean sprout processing, jelly products, cereal products, instant ginseng chicken soup, beef steak soup, Udon, fried rice cake products, etc. At present, the company has 6 processing plants, another processing plant is under construction, and at the same time it operates 3 high-end western restaurants in the core areas such as south of the Gangnam-gu in Seoul. The company manufactures tofu and jelly products for CJ Company, the largest food enterprise in South Korea. It exports and sells in domestic markets all the year round, accounting for a large proportion in the South Korean market. Some of the company's own brand products have already entered Korean airport duty-free shops, and the company has increased investment in building its own brand.




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