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Weihai spinning/weaving and dyeing/finishing industrial park is a special park approved by Weihai People’s Government and founded in Rushan in 2003. The planned total area of the industrial park is 6 square kilometers, planned area of Phase I is 3 square kilometers, includes 3 sectors such as spinning/weaving, garment manufacturing, chemical additives, which is the unique special park with major industries of spinning/weaving and dyeing/finishing. Up to now, there are 26 enterprises from Korea, Europe and America settled in the park, 9 WOFE including Sungmin Fiber, Mystar Fiber, Teribest Dyeing, Asia Mechatronics etc., and 15 domestic enterprises including Lipwell Dyeing, Golden Tide Dyeing and Weaving, Zhenghua Textile Tourist Novelty etc. have been built up and started production, additionally, some projects such as Iven Biologic Technology, City West Incubation Centre are in construction, the equivalent of cumulated investment exceeds CNY2.5 billion. Superior location, preferential policies, supporting facilities of high standards, perfect environmental protection measures and efficient and quality services have reduced the investment cost of the merchants to the greatest extent, which makes this dyeing/weaving park the best investment place in the spinning/weaving and dyeing/finishing industry in Shandong Province.

I. Location advantage

This industrial park is located in the west of Rushan City which is the famous coastal tourism city along golden beach of Shandong  Peninsula. It has unique location advantage – it is about 1 hour ride away from Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai respectively; across the sea, there are Korea, Japan, it is one of the nearest area to Japan and Korea, within this distance, there are three international air ports and five international sea ports; it has convenient and quick traffic network of land, sea and air, 10 kilometers away from Rushan railway station of Wei-Ji railway, 15 kilometers away from Rushan Pass port which is national Category II open port, around the park, there are main roads extending in all directions such as Qing-Wei highway, Yan-Wei highway, National Road 309, Provincial Road 202, Around Sea Road in Jiaodong Peninsula etc. 

II. Infrastructure advantage

With the former supporting facilities, the infrastructure facilities in the industrial park are complete. Currently, the water, electricity, steam, natural gas pipelines, industrial wastewater discharge pipes, sanitary wastewater and rainwater drains in the park, wire TV, various communication pipelines have been laid in place.

Steam: there is a heat and power plant in the park with the capacity to supply steam of 150tons/hour; there are 3 sets of 10-ton biomass briquette fuel steam boilers, which can ensure uninterrupted steam supply for production of the enterprises in the park.

Waste water or sewage treatment: there are one industrial wastewater treatment plant and one sewage treatment plant with daily treatment capacity of 20 thousand tons separately, with increasing number of enterprises entering the park, the capacity can further expand.

Special pipes for wastewater: special pipes for wastewater discharged from the enterprises are laid in the park, and the waste water is enclosed and discharged to the industrial waste water treatment plant for centralized treatment.

Tap water: the water for production and living is supplied separately. In the urban area, there are Taiyi reservoir with daily water supply capacity of 40 thousand tons and Dragon Horn Hill reservoir with reservoir capacity of 130 million cubic meters, which can effectively ensure the city industrial and domestic water supply.

Electricity: the park has sufficient electric power supply, the park power grid connects Shandong power grid, which can supply power with dual loops, daily power supply of 4 million kwh; there is 35 thousand volts substation built in the park which can guarantee that the enterprises have dedicated line power.

Natural gas: the gas pipelines are laid into the park which can meet industrial gas need of enterprises and living gas need.

III. Environmental protection advantage

According to the national environmental target requirements, the park actively implements corresponding environmental protection measures. At the same time of park construction and development, environmental protection is put in the first place to unify the economic, social and environmental benefits, strives to build environmental economic demonstration park.

Regional environmental impact assessment: in the early stage of project introduction, the industrial park commissioned Weihai City Environmental Protection Research Institute to prepare a detailed "Environmental Impact Report" for the park which has comprehensively assessed the entire park environment. The separate "Construction Project EIA" which assessed impact of each project on the environment has been prepared for each weaving/dyeing project introduced in the latter stage.

Admittance system: the spinning/weaving and dyeing/finishing industrial park has established Enterprise Admittance System, if the project does not meet the requirements of clean production indexes (duly adjusted according to the national standards published) specified in National Clean Production Technology, it has no admittance to the park.

Discharge reaching standards: the park encloses and discharges the industrial production waste water, implements centralized treatment and charges the enterprises based on the quantity metered. After treatment, the water can meet Urban Wastewater Discharge Class I Standard A.

Green energy: in the park, the heat and power plant and biomass new energy boilers implement centralized supply of steam and heating, others such as water, electricity and gas will also be supplied centrally. The coal shall not be used as energy for catering, living etc..

Hazardous waste disposal: solid hazardous wastes shall be disposed in accordance with the principle of "centralized collection, quantity reduction, recycling and harmless". The industrial solid wastes shall be recycled as far as possible, if they cannot be comprehensively utilized, then disposed according to the Pollution Control Standards on storage, transport and disposal of industrial solid wastes; living garbage will be collected centrally and transported by the sanitation department to the garbage disposal plant in Rushan City for landfill disposal.

IV. Policy resource advantage

Land use policy: according to the national land policies, project investment amount, science and technology content, development prospect and so on, "discussion for each case" approach is adopted to ensure land use index and give policy support.

Procurement of raw materials: as the raw materials for textile industry, whether it is cotton, silk or synthetic fiber, there are stable raw material bases in the local surroundings; grey fabric as the raw material for dyeing and garment processing is also available from nearby.

Enterprise employment: the local labor price is relatively low, the local government and relevant departments can assist enterprises to handle all kinds of recruitment procedures, and ensure enterprise employment needs.

V. Service environment advantage

Service organization: the municipal government has set up special Management Committee of spinning/weaving and dyeing/finishing industrial park, which is responsible for the project service and coordination management of the whole park.

Project service: the Park Management Committee adheres to the service concept of "dedication and perfect" to provide “nanny” like services to the enterprises and projects entering into the park. Whether it is domestic or foreign enterprise, “as long as you come, I do the formalities”. The whole process of the investment project from investigation, demonstration, land purchase to plant construction, is whole process agency system of "one-stop office", "all in one service". Concurrently, the municipal government provides a series of services including foreign enterprise routine meeting system, enterprise commissioner system and key project municipal leader subpackage contact system etc..

VI. Key cooperation projects

Lease and transfer: in the park, Rushan Yanlin Yangchun Clothing Co., Ltd. has 5,784 square meters workshop for seeking external cooperation; idle plant and land of Rushan Donghua Additive Plant is for investment attraction, among them, the idle plant covers 1,530 square meters, idle usable land takes 30mu; Rushan Hairun Silk Industry Co., Ltd. planned construction land of 134mu, built up workshops of 25,679 square meters, idle usable land covers 30mu, which is seeking outward transfer or share cooperation.

Stock land: a variety of supporting infrastructure facilities within the park have been laid out of the red line where there are 240mu of stock land, the land has been leveled, which can satisfy merchants’ investment demands to the greatest extent as soon as possible and can ensure that the enterprises investing in the park will be built up and start production in the shortest time.

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