New Coastal District

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New Coastal District


Rushan New Coastal District is located in the southwestern coast of Weihai, planned control area of 348.94 square kilometers, among them, land area of 278.65 square kilometers, the construction area of 120 square kilometers. According to the concept of "fusion of industries and city, integration development", the district is being optimized, divided into seven functional sectors: Silver Beach tourism resort, Big Rushan tourism resort, New Gulf City, emerging industrial park, Tower Island Bay marine ecosystem national level special protection zone, safe foods industrial park, marine technology industrial park. The district focuses on development of four industries including emerging industries, marine science and technology, culture and tourism, health and wellness; tries its hard to construct high-end industry gathering zone, happy wellness zone for pleasant life, leisure tourism demonstration zone, city development central zone, China-Japan-Korea cooperation precursor zone.

 [Location advantage] Rushan New Coastal District lies in the east of Shandong Peninsula, bordering on Yellow Sea, east to

 [Resource advantage] The district has a large number of state-owned stock land, about 100 thousand square meters standard plants have been built up, it is the rare coastal area of China which can be massively developed; the regional coastline of 186 kilometers, golden beach of 21 kilometers, a large area of the coastal pine woods and wetlands, water system pattern of river connecting sea, the pleasant climate with warm winter and cool summer, all of the above make the district a coastal leisure tourism resort.

 [Environment advantage] The district belongs to monsoon climate of medium latitude, four distinct seasons, winter without coldness, summer without hotness, annual average temperature of 12.3℃, the lowest PM2.5 in the state, air quality better than the National Standard II, it is one of the zones with the best quality of air and sea water in Shandong Peninsula, even in China, it has the good fame of “Going to Sanya in winter, coming to Sliver Beach in summer”. Rushan City was awarded as “The global best demonstration city on improving human settlement” by the United Nations, and got honorable titles of “Longevity place in China”, “Outstanding tourism city in China”, “National garden city”, “National environmental protection exemplar city” etc..

 [Supporting facility advantage] The infrastructures are built in accordance with the standard of "ten-connection one-leveling", the backbone traffic network of "three-traverse three-longitudinal" has been constructed, all the production and living facilities including supply of water, electricity, heating and gas, drainage, communications, schools, hospitals, public transportation etc. have been laid in place, which provides a solid foundation for bearing industries.

 [Talent advantage] Within the district, there are nine-year compulsory school, high school and college respectively, 2 entrepreneurship incubation bases, 3 research and development centers at provincial level; within one-hour city circle, there are more than 40 colleges and universities, among them, 4 universities of 211, 985, which can provide technical guarantee for technology research and achievement transformation.

 [Policy advantage] Rushan New Coastal District has obvious comparative advantage of resources including land, ocean etc.; the whole project construction procedure will be handled by agencies, the leaders will be responsible for subpackage; the joint meeting system is established for the key projects; approval time and intermediary fees have been minimized, which can create an superior environment for project construction and enterprise development.

 [Details on seven functional sectors]

Silver Beach tourism resort was founded in 1992, a provincial level tourism resort and national 4A grade tourism scenic zone, planned total area of 65 square kilometers, built area of 20 square kilometers. Within the resort, there are mountain and sea around, strange reefs and sinuous beach, which integrates mountain, sea, woods, lake, river, spring, beach and island into one, tourism resources are abundant. The sandy beach is as white as silver, stretches more than 20 kilometers, known as "the first beach in the world”. The resort also has four large natural bathing beaches connecting with Big Rushan scenic zone which can accommodate ten thousands of people; there are many original ecological landscapes such as Good Fortune Hill, Sanguan Pavilion, Celestial Being Bridge, the Gongs Island, Tide Lake, Hidden Dragon Hill, Monk Cave, Emperor Jade Temple, Infinite Hill, South Yellow Island, Small Qingdao, Compass Bay etc.. In recent years, mainly relying on resource advantage, the district has been vigorously developing two industries, that is, cultural tourism and health wellness. At present, two 3A grade scenic zones such as “Fortune as East China Sea” cultural park, Good Fortune Hill international wellness tourism resort, and Compass Bay aquatic amusement park integrating seascape viewing, marine sports, leisure and entertainments etc.; it has a number of high-end traders hotels and apartment hotels such as Bihai Huating, “Good Fortune as East China Sea” and “Sky-Sea-Human Harmony”, which further enhances the tourism function grade.

New Gulf City (Modern service industrial park) was founded in February 2009, the central area which New Coastal District is to develop and construct, a composition of Rushan City blue economic zone, it is also a key step for Shandong Province to realize the conception of Shandong Peninsula blue economic zone and high-end industry cluster zone in the peninsula. As the key sector of regional development, based on the principle of "integrity first, cooperation and mutual gain", closely around regional industry positioning, the modern service industrial park takes merchant and investment attractions as the first task to carry out, highlights regional industrial advantage, focuses on development of four industries including service outsourcing, electronic commerce, city services, leisure and health etc.. Till now, Yuanda sustainable building general decoration project with total investment of CNY2 billion, Phase I investment of CNY600 million has been introduced into the park, abutment of a batch of projects on hand is being stepped up.

Emerging industrial park. The planned area of 40.79 square kilometers, it is to the west of Gold-Silver Avenue, to the east of Silver-Gold Avenue. Two trunk roads, that is, Taiwan Road and Silver Bridge Street, run through the park. This year, investment in infrastructure construction has increased, cumulative investment of CNY500 million, infrastructure facilities including road hardening, greening, water, electricity, gas, heating, communications etc., have been completed; the discharge and treatment system of rainwater and sewage is complete, which can fully meet production and living needs of enterprises in the park. Around development positioning of advanced manufacturing industry and precision equipment processing, currently, 54 enterprises have been imported into the park, among them, 4 foreign-invested enterprises. Key industries include advanced manufacturing projects such as Vertex Technology, Huiqing Technology, Guanggu Laser, Haogang Technology etc..

Safe foods and biotechnology industrial park, is located to the east of the Xus Town government seat, a characteristic industrial park with deep and fine processing of aquatic products as the leading industry which is created by Rushan City with a focus, planned area of 7.28 square kilometers, divided into two sectors, that is, the eastern sector and the western sector. In the direction of establishing upgrading platform and extension carrier for quality and safety management of agricultural products, the park cultivates leading enterprises in deep and fine processing of agricultural products and health care products, elongates industrial chains of oysters, peanuts, apples etc., builds safe food processing zone renowned domestically and overseas.

Big Rushan coastal tourism resort was founded in 2005, total area of 52 square kilometers, among them, land area of 19 square kilometers, tourism real estate of 100 hectares, it is a large comprehensive tourism resort integrating sightseeing and tourism, leisure and vacation, culture and entertainments, wellness health and tourism real estate development as a whole. The scenic zone plans that the main culture line is "warm maternal love, lucky place for wellness”, highlights tourism brands of maternal love and wellness culture tourism, it is divided into four areas such as Rushan Bay tourism customs town, maternal love culture, self-cultivation and fortune culture, and nine functional sectors such as Rushan Bay tourism customs town, maternal love experience sector, wellness culture experience sector, religion culture sightseeing sector, coastal leisure resort, amusement park, island sand beach sports sector, marine ecology experience sector, health care for the aged sector etc. Under integration layout thought of New Coastal District, relying on advantages of ecology, environment and the real estate, the resort is building a coastal ecotourism health zone together with Silver Beach tourism resort.

Tower Island Bay marine ecosystem national level special protection zone, is located to the south of Haiyang Suo Town, Rushan, the bay mouth toward south, the bay mouth width of 3.2 kilometers, the coastline length of 19.27 kilometers, the maximum water depth of 6 meters, it is a semi-enclosed natural bay integrating island, beach, bay and special landform as a whole with total area of 2,000 hectares. In 2011, it was approved as Tower Island Bay marine ecosystem national level special protection zone, planned area of 32 square kilometers, among them, land area of 18 square kilometers. Around three major themes of "ecology, technology and tourism", the overall layout is divided into two parts, that is, sea area and land area. The sea area includes key protected area, ecology and resource restoration area and ecological breeding demonstration area; the land area includes ecological agriculture sightseeing area, scientific research living sightseeing area, management popular science sightseeing area, Yandui Hill scenic zone, fishermen culture experience area and island customs sightseeing area. In the premise of maintaining marine ecological balance and biodiversity, the zone carries out cooperation with outsiders in the aspect of rational development and utilization of marine resources.

Marine technology industrial park, is located in the southeast of Rushan City, to the west of Huanglei River, in the eastern coastal area of Silver Beach tourism resort, the scope includes partial land of the Xus Town and Nanhuang Town. The park takes small-sized civil aviation manufacturing and services as leading industries, develops projects of aircraft parts manufacturing, aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul, aviation services and aviation logistics etc., makes Rushan become flight test base of small aircraft produced domestically, expands influence of Rushan City on domestic and overseas aviation fields.


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