Municipal Central District

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Municipal Central District


Municipal central district of Rushan City is 101 kilometers east to Weihai City, 97 kilometers north to Yantai City, 168 kilometers west to Qingdao City. Qing-Wei, Yan-Bubby, the two highways intersect here, 14 kilometers south to National Category II open port - Rushan Pass port, 5 kilometers north to Rushan station of Tao-Wei railway, the traffic is convenient, the location advantage is obvious.

There are two industrial parks within this district:

1.      Urban industrial park, planned area of 5.65 square kilometers, integrated from former urban technology industrial park, Xiacun Town industrial park, Big Isolated Hill Town industrial park, Changqing industrial park and partial commercial and residential land. In the future, the park will focus on intelligent manufacturing industry, commit to production of high-tech, high value-added products, drive development of electronic products, computer software products, new energy and new materials technology with Sanzhi Technology, Sansheng Auto projects and photoelectricity projects, promote changes of traditional manufacturing, the people’s living mode and work mode.

2. Spinning/weaving and dyeing/finishing industrial park was established after approval of Weihai City People’s Government, it is a characteristic park integrating spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, total area of 6 square kilometers, located in the west of the city, within 1.5 hour-ride distance from three cities – Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai, traffic and transportation are very convenient, at present, 26 enterprises has settled in the garden.


In recent years, relying on two industrial parks and regional advantages, urban subdistrict office pays attention to optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, focuses on development of the second and the third industries, put forth effort to perfect the industry chain:

1.      Blueberry industry chain. Relying on the existing blueberry planting base in our city, we perfect the front end of the industry – species selection, tissue cultivation, breeding, and the terminal of the industry - series products deep processing, introduced Weihai Beiguo Blueberry Technology Co., Ltd.

2.      The textile and garment industry chain. Based on the requirements of energy conservation and contaminant discharge reduction, the district innovatively uses new energies, especially comprehensively utilizes the flax, attracts high-end flax textile projects via flax epidermis as raw materials, attracts biomass energy projects via flax stem, fruiter crotch and sawdust as raw materials, the district successfully introduced Hongri new energy project, which not only fully utilizes raw materials but also solved gas supply problem that had been perplexing the dyeing/finishing industrial park for a long period of time. At the same time, the district drives the characteristic industry incubation projects, with City West incubator as platform or carrier, expedites construction of Creative Clothing Town, focuses on introduction of operating platform and design team, accelerates incubation of garment projects and promotion of textile industry.

3.      Fortune and Happiness chicken meat industry chain, it has created a complete industrial chain which integrates broiler incubation, feed processing, breeding, slaughtering, meat deep processing and waste harmless treatment.

4.      Silicone industry chain. After accumulation of industrial experience and research and development capabilities for years, the silicone industry has been continuously improving market competitiveness of products, product sales and after-sale service capacity, some local enterprises emerged, such as Weihai Bright Pearl Silicone Co., Rushan Orient Silicon Co., Ltd. etc..

5.      Auto sales industry chain. From auto sales, maintenance, after-sale service to finance, insurance and other business, a unique auto sales format has formed in the Qius Puddle Village, where exists a auto purchase and sales street with unique industrial features.


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