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Rushan City has implemented a major project for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy vigorously and has established a “3+3” industrial system. According to the five-in-one model of integrating professional parks, feature clusters, leading enterprises, industrial funds and R&D platforms, three traditional industry clusters (machinery parts and equipment manufacturing, green food and biotechnology, textile and clothing) and three new industry clusters (new energy, big data and artificial intelligence, and big health) have been cultivated.

[Traditional Industry Cluster]

1. Machinery parts and equipment manufacturing industry. There are more than 20 enterprises above the designated size. The main products include special motors, brake pads, steering knuckles, connecting rods, crankshafts, etc. A number of key projects such as BTL-SAKTHI, LICI ELECTRIC, Huitian HuihongGas Engines, etc. have been introduced, a number of local key enterprises such as Double Link Brake, Lijiu Motor, Huabang Fineblanking, etc. havebeen cultivated. Relying on the existing foundation in our city, our next step will focus on extending the industrial chains of automobile parts, marine equipment, ultra-high frequency permanent magnet motors, numerical control machine tools, etc.

A. Shandong Double Link Brake Material Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, one of the first 116 auto parts export base enterprises in the country, and the original supplier of three major auto companies, including General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, and produces more than 2,000 kinds of brake pads of various types such as drum type and disc type, with an annual production capacity of 20 million sets.

B. Weihai BTL-SAKTHI Automobile Safety System Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Indian joint venture, anduses advanced differential pressure casting technology and specializes in producing aluminum chassis components. It mainly matches the automobile manufacturers such as Shanghai General Motors, General Motors and Volvo, with an annual production capacity of 10 million sets.

2. Green Food and Biotechnology Industry. At present, there are nearly 30 enterprises above the designated size. The main products include marine food, peanut products, ginger products, canned fruits, fruit juice, wine, vermicelli, tea, etc. A batch of local key enterprise, such as FLUKE Farming, Shutailang Food, Xinguang Biopeptide, Runxing Fruit and Vegetable Juice, etc. have been introduced, and a number of local key enterprises such as Huaxin Foods, Hualong Foods, Luling Fruit Juice, etc. have been cultivated. Our next step will focus on developing seafood, peanut products, meat products, fruit and vegetable products, biological health food and other industries;we will vigorously implement the strategy of “managing the ocean”, promote seafood processing to extend towards the high end of the industrial chain, and do a good job in the construction of key projects such as THE TOWN OF OYSTER and Gather Great Ocean AlgaeBiological Medicine etc.

A. Rushan Huaxin Food Co., specialized in cultivating and processing shellfish, fish and algae, and the processing and sales of its scallop ranksthe first place in Shandong Province, top 3 in the whole country, with an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons.

B Hualong (Rushan) Food Industry Co., Ltd mainly produces peanut products. Its trademark “Dongbao” isknown as one of famous trademarks in Shandong province in 2012, with an annual production capacity of 16,000 tons.

3. Textile and Garment Industry. At present, there are 18 enterprises above the designated size, and their main products include various fabrics, garments, luggage, handicrafts, etc. At present, projects such as Dishang Huayue Garment and Dishang Dabo Garment etc have been introduced, and key enterprises, such as handicrafts, HempFortex, Longma Garment and Jiali Garment etc, have been cultivated. Our next step will deepen cooperation with famous enterprises such as Dishang Group, to create garment town with characteristics. Relying on Weihai Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industrial Park, we will build the key textile dyeing and finishing base in the whole province; build an international hemp textile research and production base with HempFortex as the leader; focus on Jiali Garment, build sweater fashion processing base, and create a new industrial development pattern of “One Town, Three Bases”.

A. Shandong Rushan Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd has three branches, namely, Garment Factory, Clothing Factory and Drawnwork Factory. Its main products include organic sweaters, woven garments, home textile products, crochet products, etc., with an annual processing capacity of 6 million sets. “Yilian” home textile was awarded as “Shandong Product with Well-known Brand” in 2008 and “Shandong Well-known Trademark” in 2010.

B. Rushan HempFortex Textile Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the export of all kinds of hemp and organic cotton and other natural fiber textile fabrics and ready-to-wear garments, with an annual output of over 300 tons of linen and 600,000 pieces of garments.

[Emerging Industry Clusters]

1. There are more than 20 enterprises in the new energy industry. Their main products include air purification equipment, new energy battery components, solar photovoltaic equipment, and resources recycling products. Key projects such as Fanhai Sunlight New Energy and Xingyi Lithium Battery Diaphragm etc. have been introduced and comprehensive utilization enterprises, such as Taishan Gypsum, have been cultivated. Our next step will focus on developing new energy vehicles and key components, energy storage equipment, geothermal equipment, wind power equipment and other chains.

2. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Industry. Industrial projects, such as Kewei Robots and Sanzhi Technology UAV etc, havebeen introduced. Our next step will focus on cultivating a new generation of industrial chains, such as communication networks, integrated circuits and related products, 3D printing, unmanned aerial vehicles, industrial robots and automated production lines etc.

3. Big Health Industry.A batch of health and intelligent making projects, such as Formeus Health Industry Project, Kanghui Biotechnology and Huiqing Technology, medical institutions, such as Aier Eye Hospital and New Vision Eye Hospital etc, and a number of high-end health maintenance and nursing institutions such as Laolaile Rehabilitation and Nursing Holiday Center, Shenling Nursing Institution and Dongfang International Health Maintenance Park. In the next step, we will focus on introducing health maintenance, medical devices, intelligent health testing and health clothing, health functional food, bio-medicine and other health industry projects.

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