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Yitian ecological tourism sightseeing garden

[Yitian ecological tourism sightseeing garden] is located in north of Xujiajiang Village, Baitan Town, Rushan City, planned area of 980mu, planned total investment of CNY0.212 billion, the garden adheres to the principle of ecological priority, combines modern characteristic agriculture and ecological tourism, plans 5 functional sectors, they are Taoism Temple humanism sector, ecological picking sector, ecological garden sector, water entertainment sector, business and catering sector etc., it is a modern tourism scenic zone integrating leisure sports, picking experience, religion health, tourism, business activities etc.. In 2014, it was awarded as Shandong provincial agricultural tourism demonstration site and choicest picking garden; in 2016, it was rated as the national 3A grade tourist attraction.
                                                                                      Silver Beach tourism resort

[Silver Beach tourism resort] It lies in the southeast of Rushan City, 15 kilometers away from the downtown, in the heartland around three famous tourism open cities of China – Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai, bordering on Yellow Sea, across the sea, there are Japan and South Korea. Silver Beach tourism resort was founded in 1992 and in July 1994, it was rated as provincial level tourism resort by Shandong Provincial People’s Government, in October 2002, it was assessed as national AAAA grade tourist attraction. The planned control area of the resort is 65 square kilometers, coastline length of 21.7 kilometers, there are seaside shelterbelt of 13,000mu, 3 large bathing beaches for 100,000 tourists’ bath and various aquatic entertainments. The resort is natural and unadorned with white sands, limpid water, which let it get good fame of “Oriental Hawaii”, Mr. Qing Mu, former General Director of Xinhua News Agency inscribed here: “the first beach in the world”. It is an ideal place for wellness, leisure, tourism and vacation. It has successively won honorary titles such as “China auto driving tourism brand ten scenic zones nomination”, “The most competitive tourism resort in Shandong”, “Top ten tourist attractions in Shandong Province”, “One of the six most beautiful coastlines in China” etc..

  Big Rushan coastal tourism resort

[Big Rushan coastal tourism resort] It borders on southern coast of Rushan City, in August 2004, Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission approved initiation of the resort project. Shandong Rushan Victoria Bay Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (in 2012, the company changed its name to Stock Co., Ltd.) invested in construction, planned investment of CNY3 billion. Total area of the resort is 60 square kilometers, within which there are land area of 23 square kilometers and marine area of 37 square kilometers. Construction began in Year 2005, finished and opened to the public in August 2006. In 2009, it was rated as national AAAA grade tourism resort by National Tourism Administration. Big Rushan coastal tourism resort is the important composition of northern, around Bohai barrier free "golden necklace" tourism circle in the four major tourism sectors of China, in the center of Jiaodong Peninsula “Gold Economic Circle”. Its east is near to Korea Peninsula, its south borders on Yellow Sea, across the sea, there are Japan Islands, it is Korean, Japanese and Russian tourists’ favored leisure tourism destination. It is 100 kilometers away from three ports and airports of Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai respectively. Ji-Wei railway, Qing-Wei expressway and National Road 309 traverse the city and connect the resort. The center of the resort is Big Rushan which is geographical indication of Rushan City, the culture theme is “Maternal warm love, fortune place for wellness”. General plan of the resort includes five sectors – Rushan Bay tourism custom town, maternal love culture sector, fortune place for wellness sector, happy leisure sector and ocean park, it is a large comprehensive coastal tourism resort integrating sightseeing tourism, leisure vacation, culture and entertainments, wellness and health. The scenic zone successively got the honorable titles of “Shandong tourism brand with biggest growth capacity”, “One of the top ten leisure resorts in China”, “One of the top ten scenic zones of China tourism brand”, “The best leisure tourism destination in China”, “Internationally renowned tourism scenic zone”, “One of ten Qi-Lu culture new geographic indications in Shandong Province”, “State-level marine park”, “National water conservancy scenic zone”, “The most popular leisure tourism scenic zone in Shandong”, “The most desirable place in China of the 4th session”, “The most praised tourism scenic zone by internet users” etc.. It is also chosen as permanent venue for China Mother’s Day and International Leisure Industry Association, tourism vacation base for Sino-American Trade Development Association, culture industry demonstration base in Shandong Province, environmental education base in Shandong Province, source materials base for China Women's Press, convalescent vacation base for Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and culture industry demonstration park in Shandong Province. 

Oriental Glazed World landscape area. Oriental Glazed World is Oriental Medicine Guru Buddha's pure land, the largest Medicine Guru Buddha Hall in the world is located in the center of Oriental Glazed World, standing far from and facing “Synchronous Shining of Sun and Moon” tower, Happy World stone tower. Medicine Guru Buddha’s compassion and salvation concept of blessing human’s health and happiness coincide naturally with development concept of fortune place for wellness propagated by Big Rushan scenic zone, it created a bright, pure Oriental Glazed World as an important place for publicity of Buddhism culture. Its essence is “act as religious doctrine”, paying attention to coordination and balance in fervency and quietness, blaze and twilight, warmth and coolness, near to natural law to achieve the goal of wellness, so suffering which can not be eliminated can automatically disappear, fortune and wisdom which can not be promoted can automatically rise.

Hongxing Temple. Its former name is Hongxing Fane which was built in Northern Wei State of Northern and Southern Dynasties, its history is more than one thousand and six hundred years; in Zhenguan 12th Year of Dang Dynasty, it was rebuilt because of earthquake damage; on May 18, 2012, it was rebuilt after approval of Buddhist Association of Shandong Province and the local government, and great consecration ceremony was held. The style of overall temples imitates the palaces in Ming and Qing Dynasties, the total area covers 20mu, building area of 3,462 square meters, it consists of temples of four-tier structure such as Propylaeum, Hall of Heavenly King, Mahavira Hall, Sutra Library, Dharma Room and numerous side halls. There are mountains behind the temple and sea before it, the winding paths lead to secluded quiet places, the temple remotely responds to Medicine Guru Glazed Tower and “Synchronous Shining of Sun and Moon” Tower, impressive appearance with the name of "Sea-Sky Buddhist Land”.

Sea-Sky Health and Happiness Garden, constructed on the beach between Gold Hairpin to Western Hill coast. The beach has a total length of 2000 meters, covers an area of 523mu (land and beach), Dreamy Blue Sky coastal recreation area, Ninghai Wentao leisure area, bathing beach, deep sea diving club etc. have been successively built up. The length of Dreamy Blue Sky coastal recreation area is about 1000 meters, covering area of 328.5mu, within this area, there are entertainments such as motorboat, magic carpet, dragged down parachute, rubber boat, windsurfing, deep sea diving, beach volleyball, beach motorcycle etc.. 12 leisure sand bars with size of 4 meters *4 meters are set in the east of this area for tourists to rest, and hundreds of high-grade tents are placed on the beach and lawn with sparse woods for tourists to freely enjoy the sunshine, white clouds, sea and beach. Woods and Grasses Square was built in the middle of this area, the square covers area of 2159 square meters. Two sales and comprehensive service facilities are set in this area, covering area of 354 square meters which provide tourists not only with a place to relax in coolness, but also with convenience to cater and shop.

International Conference Center, is located in the core scenic area of Big Bubby scenic zone, on the mountainside to the north of Sea-Sky Health and Happiness Garden, high terrain, wide vision, the mountain behind and the sea in front, the scenery is exquisite; near the mountain, lake, sea and beach, the geographical position is superior. With total construction area of 4600 square meters, its main service function is for dining and meeting reception, within it, there are six large, medium-sized and small meeting rooms with complete functions and different area, among them, No.1 meeting room can accommodate 600 participants. There are more than 10 high and medium grade banquet rooms and one multifunction hall which can accommodate more than 300 people, the main cuisines include Shandong, Guangdong, Sichuan cuisines for reception of business banquet, seafood feast and various wedding and celebration banquets. The International Conference Center can also undertake large-scale business services, there are 6 large, medium and small conference rooms with whole functions and different area, covering a total area of 2000 square meters, among them, the largest conference room can accommodate more than 600 people, besides basic meeting facilities, it is equipped with multi-language simultaneous interpretation system, video conference system and computer network system, which can undertake a variety of high-end meetings. Large restaurants with area of nearly 400 square meters and banquet rooms of different grades in perfect matching conditions can provide warm and thoughtful high-quality services for the meetings. In addition, there are the second and third medium-sized conference rooms which can accommodate 6 people respectively, and a small discussion room which can accommodate 20 people.

Longevity Gallery. There are pictures of centenarians in Rushan City - the longevity land, and 80 years old people from 3 villages in the scenic zone.

Fortune Patrol of Heaven Road, from Sanshenpai Hill to Penholder Hill, a total length of 2200 meters. Along the Road, there are scenic spots including Hundred-Fortune Square, Ten-thousand Fortune Hill, Blessing Stand, Granny Temple, Touching Top etc.. With stone carving, totem, stone sculpture and other elements, in a natural style, the scenic spots interpret the rich connotation of "Luck, Nobility, Longevity, Happiness and Wealth".

Big Rushan Maternal Love Culture Garden, is divided into filial piety culture sector and maternal love culture sector. After passing by "Benevolent Home and State" stone workshop, you’ll reach Big Rushan Maternal Love Culture Garden. You can see Maternal Love totem built from inspiration of China traditional paper-cut craft, its main color is red, the totem shows series of events that a mother does to rear a child, creates happy and cozy atmosphere of maternal love.

Zhenghua Stone Buddha Hill scenic zone

[Zhenghua Stone Buddha Hill scenic zone], was invested and founded by Rushan City Zhenghua Agriculture and Forestry Technology Demonstration Plot Co., Ltd., and was rated as national 3A grade scenic zone in 2013. Stone Buddha Hill leisure sightseeing zone is located in Chijiakou Village, Rushan Stockade Town, Rushan City, Shandong Province, on the northern piedmont of Juyu Mountain which is forest park at national level, the landscape of lakes and hills are graceful. It is a comprehensive entertainment scenic zone integrating characteristic botanical garden sightseeing, picking (organic tea, green strawberry etc.), grass skating, rafting, fish catching, natural Baltic maze, angling, climbing hills and zoo sightseeing. Stone Buddha Hill scenic zone covers an area of more than 3000mu, from a far view of the main peak in the scenic zone, it seems like Maitreya lying on his back and watching Emperor Star, its name is also derived from this. The natural landscapes in the scenic zone are famous for "old trees", "strange stones", "comely waters", "arduous peaks", according to the statistics, there are more than 200 trees over a hundred year old, unique azalea tree belt in Jiaodong area and hundred mus of oriental cherry belt in the hinterland of the scenic zone. The peaks of Stone Buddha Hill are fancy, the valleys are secluded, the vegetation is lush, the forest coverage rate is above 90%, the air contains rich negative oxygen ions, forming a natural oxygen bar here. There is high quality mineral water stratum at the bottom of the mountain, the water contains a variety of trace elements and mineral substances beneficial to human’s health, the drinking water of the entire scenic zone is from the high mountain water, long-term drinking will benefit the physical and mental health. Relying on this advantage, 200mu of sunny slope land in the scenic zone were developed to plant tea, which led to development of tea industry in the surrounding area, on the other hand, the "sourcing materials in tea plantation and tea picking experience tour" by use of tea plantation was carried out and the good result has been achieved. Due to the unique geographical location and good growth environment, rich nutrients accumulate, the shape of green tea of "Zhenghua Big Rushan" brand produced by Zhenghua Company shows tender leaf enwrapping bud, its color is viridity with light yellow, giving off unique chestnut smell. The characteristic rare botanical garden is located in the greenhouse of the scenic zone, hundreds of northern and southern rare plants, such as the banana, mango, lemon, pepper tree, eggplant tree etc. are planted in the garden where advanced soilless cultivation and organic cultivation technology are adopted, creating a unique plant scenery in the scenic zone. All crops, vegetables and fruits in the scenic zone are planted in accordance with the national organic standards, they are true organic foods. The pesticides and fertilizer used for the whole cultivation process contain no high residue and are provided by Zhenghua characteristic farm which is located behind the scenic zone. A variety of ornamental and edible animals are fed in the farm, such as the spotted deer, red deer, peacock, guinea fowl, Turkey, wild boar, pig etc., all are fed in traditional methods, used as food materials for Zhenghua Mountain Villa besides as ornamentals for the tourists. 

Xiaotang thermal spring resort

[Xiaotang thermal spring resort]. The theme of Xiaotang thermal spring resort is leisure, wellness culture. It is a modern thermal spring resort integrating thermal spring bath, catering, accommodation, sessions and entertainments. It is located in Tangshang Village, the Fengs Town, 20 kilometers northeast to Rushan City, it is purely natural thermal spring built on the former location of Laotang which existed more than 1400 yeas ago, in Tang Dynasty. The temperature of spring water remains at around 70℃ year after year. Identified by professional institutions, strontium ions, metasilicate, selenium and other minerals contained in the spring are far more 3 times than those in conventional physical therapy thermal spring, which have a very good effect on rheumatism, varicose veins, arthritis and skin diseases.

Thermal spring: the resort has created the most distinctive tropical rain forest garden thermal spring resort in Jiaodong Peninsula, which can provide bath for 1000 people at the same time. It is also equipped with a variety of leisure, health and entertainment facilities

Guest room: the thermal spring guest rooms can accommodate more than 300 people, and a separate health care apartment for the aged is set. In order to meet the needs of different guests, the thermal spring rooms are equipped with sauna room, spa pool etc., which is the first choice for health, leisure, party, business and residence.

Conference: the thermal spring resort has large and medium-sized conference rooms and a multi-function hall, which can undertake meetings of various specifications.

Catering: there are restaurants which can accommodate more than 500 people to dine, the vegetables of the resort are all fertilized with farmyard manures, green and environmentally-friendly, indigenous, healthy and delicious.

Extending activities: outdoor extending activities training, summer camp, jungle true life CS gunfight, and other series of activities.

Picking: there are 7 picking sheds, in which are planted strawberries, cucumbers, small tomatoes and other melons and fruits for tourists’ picking.

Holy Water Palace Taoism wellness leisure resort

[Holy Water Palace Taoism wellness leisure resort], is located in the stretching branch of Kunyu Mountain, at the northeastern corner of Rushan City, in August 2012, it was rated as national AAA tourism scenic zone, covering an area of 1960mu, the planned project investment is CNY0.12 billion. Holy Water Palace once was a Taoism shrine, the mountains stretch in an unbroken chain, woods and hills are deep, peaks are steep, it is quiet for four seasons, which presents unique features of this place. The air here contains rich negative oxygen ions, which is known as "natural oxygen bar". The existing scenery includes Yuxu Taoism Temple remainder, Yuxu Taoism Temple stele, Yuyang Cave and Holy Water Rock. In recent years, relying on the unique natural wellness resources, taking "Taoism wellness" as the theme, the Company planned the resort as a scenic zone integrating natural and humanism scenery including Taoism propagation sector, Taoism wellness and leisure sector, ecological agriculture sightseeing sector. By means of protective development of Yuxu Taoism Temple, the resort connects all Taoism scenery within Weihai as a whole, promotes "Quanzhen Taoism cultural tour" within Weihai territory, forms Taoism cultural tourism three-in-one line of Kunyu Mountain, Penglai, Lao Mountain in Jiaodong. The planned resort projects include Taoism propagation sector, Taoism wellness and leisure sector, ecological agriculture sightseeing sector, among them, the investment to Taoism propagation sector is CNY60.79 million. On October 3, 2012, finished Yuxu Taoism Temple, Mammon Palace, Hundred Herbs Garden etc. were opened to the public, and the completion and consecration ceremony was held; in 2015, Wenchang Tower, Daxian Hall were invested and built up, and on Double Ninth Festival, the completion and consecration ceremony was held.

Good Fortune Hill international wellness tourism resort

[Good Fortune Hill international wellness tourism resort], is located in the famous "longevity land" in Shandong Province – Rushan City, Ribai Group is the controlling company, the resort is invested and developed by Weihai Good Fortune Tourism Development Co., Ltd., under the premise of keeping original ecology, the planned resort includes "one center" - comprehensive service center; "one town" - Luzern health town; "four sectors" - Taoism praying sector, meditation experience sector, forest recreation sector and thermal spring resort, covering area of more than 10 square kilometers, estimated total investment of about CNY1.19 billion, the goal is to build a large-scale comprehensive health resort integrating tourism, health and vacation, thermal spring recreation, leisure and entertainments, religious pilgrimage, conference and exhibition. On May 1, 2013, the resort was formally opened, it successively won honorary titles of "National AAA tourism scenic zone", the first "Longevity culture research base" in Shandong Province, "Year 2013 hospitable Shandong best leisure tourism resort” and so on.

The elevation of Good Fortune Hill (former name is Tuogu Hill) in the scenic zone is 395.95 meters, the highest peak in New Coastal District of Rushan City, only 2000 meters away from “the first beach in the world” - Silver Beach, since ancient times, it has been famous for "old temples", "temple fairs", "holy water", "strange stones" and "grotesque pines", always known as "little Tai Mountain". The geomantic pattern of "azure dragon on the left, white tiger on the right, red phoenix ahead, black tortoise behind" and the scenery of "carrying shade on the back, carrying sun on the breast” which naturally formed on the peak are extremely rare, known as “fairy hill God premise”. Within the scenic zone, valleys and rivers are deep, the vegetation is lush, the content of negative oxygen ions is high, so it is called "natural oxygen bar" and "health and vacation paradise". There are Bixia Yuanjun Ancestral Temple and Cloud Dragon Temple built in the hill, every year on the 15th day of the fourth month in Chinese lunar calendar, a grand temple fair will be held, during this period, more than ten thousand male and female Buddhism devotees will come here to pray for good fortune. The scenic zone also created a commercial leisure square in Luzern health town with European style, which is called classic works of "perfect fusion of Chinese and western styles". There is a large extending activities training base built, covering dozens of items such as high altitude Luding Bridge, high altitude grabbing bars, high altitude broken bridge, tramcar, graduation living and dead wall etc.. In addition, based on the favorable terrain and environment, some characteristic items which can not be copied were designed, such as downhill from 35-meter natural cliff, mountain crossing through 10-kilometer wild pine woods etc.. Additionally, the tourists can enjoy the stone inscription scenery with a theme of "fortune culture" on the way to the hill, further more, there are famous springs and holy waters such as "jade fluid in heaven pool", "holy spring", "longevity spring", "lucky spring" etc. and various strange stone scenery such as “longevity God stone", “black tortoise giving birthday congratulations”, "golden toad playing phoenix", "drunk Zhongkui ", "Boya recalling zither" etc..

Golden Cattle Valley ecological agriculture sightseeing garden

[Golden Cattle Valley ecological agriculture sightseeing garden], is located in the northern suburb of Wuji Village, Wuji Town, Rushan City, a total investment of about CNY0.28 billion, covering an area of about 3000mu. Its positioning is to create "the first blueberry garden in Jiaodong", its emphasis is to develop leisure tourism and modern agriculture, it is a comprehensive development project which focuses on agricultural production, technology demonstration, leisure and entertainments, tourism and vacation, environmental protection. At present, CNY0.12 billion has been invested to the garden, 18 thousand trees of various kinds, 850mu of blueberries, 50mu of raspberries, 100mu of tea and 400mu of other fruit trees have been planted; supporting infrastructures such as garden roads, greening projects, catering and accommodation, biogas, supporting water and power etc. have been completed; recreational items such as grass skating and strop etc. have been built; construction of agriculture picking garden, ecological restaurant, wedding promenade, quadrangle dwellings, wooden villas etc. has begun. During Year 2014, the scenic zone actively explored around jobs of financing innovation, agricultural tourism etc., successfully held the First Blueberry Culture Festival in cooperation with Provincial Rural Credit Cooperatives, which organically combined agriculture tourism with countryside leisure, realized integration and development of tourism and agriculture, successfully created a 3A grade scenic zone. The scenic zone energetically develops planting and breeding, especially emphasizes sales of blueberries, poultry and livestock. The blueberry picking period is from June to July each year, we launch tourists picking activities, on the other hand, we sell them at market price, which not only enhances popularity of the scenic zone, but also generates profits for the Company. Our poultry and livestock are fed in traditional methods, which make them have high nutritional value and unique taste, once they are provided to the market, customers’ praise comes. In the future, the scenic zone will strengthen packaging and promotion of the agricultural and sideline products so as to provide more products of "Golden Cattle Valley" brand to the market.

“Fortune as East China Sea” cultural park

[“Fortune as East China Sea” cultural park], located in the national AAAA grade tourism resort – Rushan Silver Beach tourism resort, the scenic zone covers an area of 1600mu, sea area of 1500mu. “Fortune as East China Sea” cultural park is a comprehensively developed large-scale cultural tourism project with the theme of "fortune culture", "eastward sea-voyage culture" and "eastern tribe culture", mainly includes: one axle –main axle of “Fortune as East China Sea” cultural tourism; two belts - coastal landscape belt and greenbelt along Changjiang River Road; three sectors (three theme excursion sectors) - “Fortune as East China Sea” Painting and Calligraphy Institute sector, “Fortune as East China Sea” Holiday Hotel sector and “Fortune as East China Sea” yacht club sector. In December 2012, “Fortune as East China Sea” cultural park was rated as 3A grade scenic zone by Shandong Provincial Tourism Administration and Tourism Scenic Zone Quality Rating Committee of Shandong Province. In August 2013, China Artistic Creation and Research base of Culture Ministry - Shandong Province base put up its plaque and started its business. In 2014, China Bo-Yellow Painting Institute, Keran Li Painting Institute, China Calligraphy and Painting Research Institute of Culture Ministry also put up the plaques and started the business within the park. In 2015, cumulative amount of CNY0.1305 billion has been invested in “Fortune as East China Sea” cultural park, decoration and lessee attraction of Fur City Phase II of “Fortune as East China Sea”, Korean Goods Street, Jewelry City of “Fortune as East China Sea” have been completed, and Jewelry City has started operation, decoration and lessee attraction of Ortles Fashion Shopping Park, interior and exterior decoration of Ocean Forum Conference Center are both on the march.

Juyu Mountain scenic zone

[Juyu Mountain scenic zone], is located eighteen kilometers southwest of Rushan City, Shandong Province, belongs to the Jiaodong extension of Changbai Mountain chain. Total area of the scenic zone is 1204 hectares, the elevation of main peak is 599.5 meters, there are more than 180 kinds of plants, 70 kinds of national protected species, more than 170 animal species, the total forest area is 746 hectares, the scenic zone is natural kingdom of animals and plants. Due to steep and rugged topography of Juyu Mountain, the stones here are strange and jagged, seem like birds, beasts, humans, objects, are called “one exquisite scenery of Qi-Lu”. Grand, comely, secluded and quiet "natural stone carving garden, botanical garden, natural oxygen bar"; centuries-old historical relics and cultural deposits, harmonic concordance of “three religions in one”; its location is the confluence of three tourism cities - Qingdao, Yantai. Weihai, all the above form unique advantage of Juyu Mountain tourism zone. In December 2002, it was approved as national level forest park; in March 2009, it was rated as national AAA grade tourism scenic zone.

Taiyi Lake international chateau ecological culture zone

[Taiyi Lake international chateau ecological culture zone], is located in the land of maternal love, city of great love – Rushan, Weihai. Rushan lies in the south of Jiaodong Peninsula which is the seventh grape wine coast in the world, unique location and terroir give birth to Taiyi Lake high quality wine. There are three hills/mountains around Taiyi Lake, Duo Hill to the north, Sawtooth Hill to the east, Juyu Mountain to the west, and the sea towards the south. Clear four seasons, mild climate, abundant sunshine and long frost free period form unique and mysterious microclimate of Rushan Taiyi Lake region so that Taiyi Lake grapes have a long ripening season, delicate taste of wine is inborn. Sandy soil, rich gravel content, strong permeability, no industrial pollution, the superior growth soil and ecological environment complement each other. Taiyi Lake wine region is more natural, more ecological and more pure. The whole project is invested and constructed by Taiyi Lake Group, relying on Rushan local good grape planting environment, taking Taiyi Lake waters as the center, the comprehensive project is to integrate grape planting and brewing, modern agriculture, popular science culture, picking experience, leisure tourism and vacation. The total investment of about CNY3 billion, planned land of 30,000mu, 300 chateaus with various sizes and styles are proposed to build. Taiyi Lake Group invested CNY30 million to import grape crusher, stemmer, presser with total nitrogen protection gasbag from France, automatic filling line from Italy, oak barrels of French origin; hired former chief winemaker of Lafite Group, in cooperation with domestic and foreign wine technical institutions, strictly controlled the whole process from grape planting to brewing, brewed high standard chateau wine. Taiyi Lake Group adheres to world famous chateau standards, integrates industry resources to form chateau cluster and to build chateau industrial park with the highest standards. Around the theme of wine culture, Taiyi Lake Group is to build core experience projects such as wine college, wine museum, wine theme town etc., equipped with super five-star hotel, aquatic entertainments, business and leisure sites, grape popular science experience park etc. with distinct theme and clear pattern. It is planned and built in accordance with national 5A grade scenic zone standards, in order to build four ecological landscapes including ten thousand mus of vineyards, thousand mus of water scenery, thousand mus of parks, hundred mus of wetland, to create the largest chateau ecological culture zone and wine industry cluster in China, even in the world.

Horse Stone Hill red tourism zone

[Horse Stone Hill red tourism zone] It is located in Horse Stone Hill, to the northwest of Rushan City. To commemorate “Horse Stone Hill Massacre” and "Horse Stone Hill Sortie", in 1971, the Martyrs Cemetery and Martyrs Memorial Hall were built in Rushan; in 1972, Anti-Japanese Martyrs Memorial Tower was built in main peak of Horse Stone Hill; in 1990, it was approved as provincial level key protection unit of martyrs memorial buildings by the provincial government; in 2005, it was approved as Shandong Province patriotism education demonstration base; in 2013, it was listed as provincial level cultural relics protection unit; in 2014, it was included in the first batch of national level Anti-Japanese War memorial facilities and remainder site list, “Horse Stone Hill Ten Warriors” was approved as one of “Five Famous Anti-Japanese Heroes Groups in China”. In 2015, Rushan City invested more than CNY50 million to renovate Horse Stone Hill red education base, covering area of more than 16,900 square meters, construction area of more than 2,900 square meters, exhibition area of 1,933 square meters, 747 photographs in the exhibition. The revolutionary relic materials in the base have been greatly enriched, mainly including: 

Horse Stone Hill Ten Warriors Memorial Hall, building area of 1,585.5 square meters, two-storey structure, investment of CNY18 million. It is divided into five parts to display historic materials against “mopping-up” campaign: the first part displays brief history of Jiaodong Anti-Japanese War; the second part shows Japanese crime of “Horse Stone Hill Massacre”; the third part displays how Horse Stone Hill ten warriors and other hero groups saved the people without any fear of death; the fourth part shows the fact that deep love between the people and the army was like relation between the flesh and blood; the fifth part shows the memory of the martyrs.

Rushan Revolutionary Memorial Hall, building area of 572 square meters, single storey building, investment of CNY9 million. It is divided into eight exhibition sectors, they are: Jiaodong Revolutionary cradle – Rushan revolution history; a little spark can start a prairie fire – China Communist Party Muhai (Rushan) organization founded; vigorous - supporting Liberation Army; boundless love - Jiaodong Nursery; ever-lasting spirit – Jiaodong Public School; thoroughly tempered – Jiaodong Armory; contribution cannot be left unrecognized – North Sea Bank Plate-making Printing Factory; revolutionary pioneer – brief introduction of partial early Communist Party members. It fully demonstrates magnificent historical picture that in Anti-Japanese War, Jiaodong and Rushan soldiers and common people supported construction of troops, defeated enemies shoulder to shoulder like fish in water.

Propaganda and education center, construction area of 770 square meters, investment of CNY6 million. Within it, there are multimedia projection room and conference room where patriotic education films can be shown, materials of Anti-Japanese War can be propagated to tourists.

Martyrs' tomb area, construction area of 1,100 square meters, investment of CNY2 million, construction of 150 graves where the martyrs from three places – Rushan, Haiyang, Muping fighting in Horse Stone Hill breakthrough campaign against enemies’ “mopping-up” were buried.

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