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The Development of Trade in Services in 2016

First, the city has actively carried out the innovation and development of trade in services by integrating efforts from all aspects. Rushan City Party Committee and Government put a high value on the pilot work of innovation and development in services trade, and the mayor held the conference to promote city's services trade innovation and development. The government has established pilot joint conference system for services trade innovation and development. The mayor assumes the convenor, the executive vice mayor and the vice mayor in-charge assume deputy convenor, and 50 members included who are mainly responsible for related departments and units. They have focused on improving foundation work and target positioning of services trade development, cleared market mainstay of services trade cultivation, services trade innovation development mode and safeguard measures and so on, making a good foundation for the innovation and development of trade in services.

Second, helping enterprises to gain capitals and improving them to develop. In 2016, the city’s services trade companies won support funds at all levels totaled RMB920,000, of which the central support funds reached RMB200,000, and municipal support funds reached RMB720,000. There were special fund RMB200,000 in Shandong Foreign Affairs Translation Institute (the Shandong service outsourcing personnel training institutions), support fund RMB160,000 for incubator special export base construction in Wisdom Creation Science and Technology Company, support fund RMB110,000 for the Double Brake Services Trade Export ,support fund RMB200,000 in Research and Development Center and Testing Center, RMB20,000 support fund respectively in internationally recognized qualification certification, Yaxiya Mechanical and Electrical Company for services trade exporting, and Hanmei services trade exporting company, as well as RMB40,000 support fund in productive service export and RMB150,000 fund in team building of services trade and statistics work, which strongly boosted the development of services trade business.

Third, speeding up the cultivation of trade services personnel. Relying on the Shandong Foreign Affairs Translation Institute (identified as the Shandong Service Outsourcing Personnel Training Institutions in 2015), we have actively carried out training in service outsourcing business, encouraged targeted curriculum arrangement based on service outsourcing, set up professionals as software service, financial businesses and etc., and actively carried out service outsourcing business training as a result of talents reserving in this industry. At the same time, we have encouraged those outsourcing businesses to carry out the training of new college students, introduce high-end outsourcing personnel, send key staff to join foreign training. An initial construction of personnel training pattern featuring multi-level and multi-channel reflected in colleges as the main body, mutual participation of the government, relevant businesses and society.

Fourth, strengthening the services trade research and statistical work. Jingman Technology Company was hired to give a comprehensive study and point out the existing problems of the city's trade in services, tease and the assess the city's trade in services development direction, finally practical research results harbored. What’s more, enterprises were encouraged to participate in the business training of services trade and statistics. Guidance is offered for major services trade companies such as Lijiu Special Purpose Electromotor Co., ltd, Double Brake Yaxiya Mechanical and Electrical Company, Hanmei Industry Company, Wisdom Creation Science and Technology Company in the processing service, outsourcing service, quality certification, trade in services base, numerous talents engaging in filling a form on services trade system sprouted up.

Experts Invited to Research and Guide the City’s Trade in Services Work

On May 4, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce invited the Secretary General of the Beijing Service Outsourcing Association, Li Jin, and Chairman of Shandong Manwei Software Co., Ltd. Man Bin to conduct the city’s services trade work based on the field investigation, with the aim of positively responding to the new situation of service trade, and realizing the new breakthrough in services trade.

Vice Mayor Wei Wei and Director of the Bureau of Commerce Liu Zhiyong accompanied the investigation team to visit the Zhengyang food Co., Ltd,  understand the basic information of major export products, deeply communicate with related principals of the company, and discuss how to expand market, increase revenue and achieve enterprise innovative development model with the form of service trade and outsourcing.

After the visiting, Mayor Wei held a symposium on trade in services in the government conference room, analyzing and summarizing the city's present situation and the direction of the service trade enterprises. In addition, principals from relevant departments directly under the municipal government and township attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the participating units respectively reported the development status quo and plans of services trade enterprises in their responsibility areas and areas under their jurisdiction. Experts made reviews and guidance according to their reports, pointed out that it important to do a good job about knowing real situation of service enterprises at this stage, and ensured that the foundation work of Rushan’s trade in services is done well on the ground. Mayor Wei stressed that we should do this work in a meticulous way and quantized and refined related data; it was also necessary to underline highlights of the city’s services trade and outsourcing, strengthen the international exchange and the introduction of technical personnel, and emphasize leisure health, green food, tourism sightseeing and other special themes, to create a local services trade brand.


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