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Sino-Korea Local Economic Cooperative Demonstration Construction of Rushan in 2016


In 2016, based on resources and environment, industrial foundation and the layout of industrial park of Rushan, we have enhanced exchange and collaboration with Korea in all aspects and accomplished a prominent achievement by virtue of the opportunity that Weihai City strived for stimulating the local economic cooperation demonstration zone like the Sino-Korea Free Trade Zone.

Ⅰ.the Construction of Demonstration Zone and Highlights

Highlight 1.Trading Center for Import Commodities in Rushan Port

The Jichi Investment Corporation in Hebei Province joined hands with the Rushan Port to initiate and carry out the project with RMB50 million of registered fund. The area of product exhibition hall and storage total is over 6,000m2 with the exhibition hall accounting for 2,400m2 and the storage centre accounting for 3,600m2. It chiefly involves in the wholesale businesses like Korean daily necessities, cosmetics and food. On the one hand, the company is resorted to develop offline real shops possessing more than 20 franchised outlets now and endeavors to develop 50 franchised outlets that are distributed in the neighborhood areas in the first-tier, second-tier third-tier cities around the country; on the other hand, following the fresh thinking “Internet +”, it created a cross-border sale platform for Korean import goods in the way of a bran-new “O2O”commercial mode.

At present, the Trading Center for Import Commodities in Rushan Port was operated, developed over 20 agents in Dalian City and Zibo City and imported more than 2,000 Korean goods.

Highlight 2. Sino-Korea(Rushan) Cross-Border E-Commerce Service Center

The project is invested RMB110 million by Rushan Jinguzhiyuan Co., Ltd.The construction area of the first-stage project is 16,900m2,within the range, the area of the special industry and culture exploration hall is 5,000 m2, the area of e-commerce working area is 5,000m2, the area of storage and logistics is 5300m2, and the area of agricultural e-commerce is 1600m2. In the special industry and culture exploration hall, the exhibition hall of Korean high-quality and famous goods is seated here. The project is invested and established by the Aiensi Joint-Stock Corporation in Korea, which mainly shows Korean local special products, president-awarded products, and master products. More than 100 small-and-middle businesses who cooperate with Aiensi provide those exhibition goods, which explores a showcase for the Chinese market. At the same time, there are over 30 e-business companies lying in the corresponding area, and 15 companies are engaged in cross-border e-commerce trade with Korea which expand international markets like Korean for domestic enterprises in operation agent, business logistics design, and sale service, etc. Now Korean goods exhibition hall is opened and ran.

Highlight 3. Sino-Korea Maker Club (Sino-Korea Scientific and Technological Cooperation Platform Project)

The Weihai Chengchuang Technology Incubator Co., Ltd is responsible for running the Sino-Korea Maker Club. The planning construction area is 20,000m2, the first-stage area is 5,600m2, and the company is equipped with the Maker coffee, the office rooms of settled enterprises, the public conference rooms, the multi-functional activity rooms, the Maker fitness zone, and the road show hall. With offering matching services for the China and Korean scientific and technological institutions and some enterprises in Rushan in this place, it chiefly possess many functions as the platform for putting into use China and Korean scientific and technological results, the platform for enterprise technology revolution creation,the platform for mass entrepreneurship, the platform for enterprise financing, the platform for education training,and the platform for assessment of businesses and investment attraction. Among those, the platform for putting into use China and Korean scientific and technological results invites Korean and domestic experts from famous institutes and scientific and technological results by the space advantage of Chengchuang. This platform is matched with key industries in Rushan, promotes the application of scientific and technological results to enter market, and provides the office area for Korean travelling merchants first coming to Rushan during the preparation period.

At present, many collaboration links are built: the Maker Center builds a incubator cooperation relationship with the LINC corporation of the Chungnam National University, the Hyosung Electrical Machinery company reaches a contract concerning relevant technology cooperation with the Lijiu Special Electrical Machinery Company in Rushan, the Chungchong-Namdo Creative Economy Innovation Center joins hands with the Scientific and Technological Incubator in the economic development zone, the technology transfer project concerning heating equipment technology of the Three One Environment Protection Equipment Joint-Stock Company and the Risheng Machinery Co., Ltd is established, and the project concerning ginger extraction technology between the Shengshi Company in Korea and the Jili Food Company is established, both of which are introduced in the platform.

Highlight 4. Good Fortune Korean Goods Mall

The project is implemented in Good Fortune Culture Park in the Binhai New Area, Rushan, and is invested and built by the Federation of Korean Enterprises with a total construction area of 30,000m2. The Korean town is planned to divide into four major parts as the small-and-middle businesses exhibition hall, the high-quality goods hall, the large shopping mall and the e-commerce zone and within the area also includes some space for Korean catering and coffee culture. After the operation of the Korean commercial center, more than 200 powerful companies and shops will gather here, whose businesses are involve in building commodities distribution, exhibition and selling platform, as well as Korean clothes, cosmetics and food, etc.

At present, the foreign party built the Xinhan Trade Co., Ltd in Rushan in April, 2016, with a total investment of USD20 million and the registered money of USD10 million, and began to conduct the interior decoration project.

Troubles and Difficulties Faced:

1. Recently, Korea has made a decision that the THAAD deployed internally, which has resulted in a sharp cooling relationship between the two countries. Considering the decision may bring out numerous problems, those companies retain their attitude in investment expanding and economic and trading exchange between them, which affects a lot.

2. Faced with the situation of political turbulence now, Korea has to focus most of its concentration on national affairs, therefore, no surplus power can be used in other matters, and it will carry out other matters after political stability.


The Economic Cooperation of Sino-Korea Free Trade Zone


In 2015, Rushan seized the strategic opportunity that Weihai City constructed the local economic cooperation demonstration area of Sino-Korea Free Trade Zone, rationally planned these two demonstration areas like Sino-Korea Health Industrial Park and Sino-Korea Energy-Conservation Environment Protection Industrial Park, and undertook Korean industrial transfer and expanded cooperation with Korean economic trade. We organized 10 activities like friendly exchanges and economic and trade talks between cities: we had reached a consensus in economic cooperation and cultural exchange with cities as the Donghae City and the Daejeon City in Korea; we  built a collaboration relationship with the Chungnam National University, the World Exchange Association, the Sino-Korea Friendly Exchange Association, the Seoul Industrial Institute, the Federation of Korean Industries, which prestigious universities in Korea, and the Community of Commerce;we promoted a potential cooperation between the Kyungpook Machinery Accessory Association, the Yulon Motor, the Hyosung Electrical Machinery Company and the Lijiu Electrical Machinery Company; we registered Good Fortune Project valued USD17 million in Korean town after approval, built and operated Trade Center for Import and Export Commodities in Rushan port, and made the most preferred destination for Korean-style consumption and a distribution centre for Korean food and daily necessities.


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