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Utilization of Foreign Capital of Rushan in 2016


Since the beginning of 2016, following the unified deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the government of Rushan City, we had positively overcome grave economic situation at home and abroad and several troubles generated by macro-economic downturn, in solving those problems, we had exerted our efforts and made practical and innovative measures on the ground, therefore, we had taken foreign capital introduction as the key work, increasingly intensified such work, expedited project construction, and maintained a sound momentum of development on foreign investment attraction.

In 2016, we totally absorbed 15 foreign capital projects, with RMB609.71 million of contractual foreign capital and RMB551.84 million of actual received amount. In terms of the structure of projects, the tertiary industry held the largest proportion taking over half of the total number of projects, particularly Jiasheng Seacube Tourism Development Project obtained the overall investment valued USD15 million, which achieves a fresh breakthrough that the service industry made use of foreign capital in Rushan city; In terms of the scale of those projects, the overall investment of some new introduced trading businesses like Xinhan International Trading Company, Chengfuhai Trading Company, Zongcheng Trading Company, etc. was more than ten million US dollars. What’s more, it is where fine soft and hard investment conditions were recognized by foreign enterprises, seeing that a obvious momentum of capital rise in cooperative projects, for example, the project Fuxi was increased investment by USD15 million, the project Fengtai New Energy was increased investment by USD27.498 million, both of which made a major contribution on contractual foreign investment.

The Overall Situation of Utilization of Foreign Capital in Rushan 

By the end of late June, 2016, 145 foreign-funded enterprises were seated in Rushan, the contractual foreign investment totaled USD2.68 billion, and the actual utilization of foreign investment totaled USD1.81 billion.

In view of investment type, there were 94 foreign-solely-owned enterprises, accounting for 64.8% of the overall number of that; 49 sino-foreign joint ventures held 33.8% of the total number of that; 2 sino-foreign cooperative enterprises occupied 1.4% of the total number of that.

In view of investment field, foreign-owned businesses chiefly operated in the secondary industry, and there were 116 manufacturing enterprises occupying 80% of the total number of foreign-owned enterprises; such the tertiary industry as catering service industry and wholesale industry numbered 20 covering 13.8% of total number of foreign-owned enterprises; only 9 businesses ran in the first industry, accounting for 6.2% of total number of that.

In view of country-specific investment, Korean-funded enterprises constituted the largest quantity totaled 71 accounting for 49% of the total number of foreign-owned businesses; What is followed by 24 HongKong-funded enterprises holding 16.6% of that; 11 Japanese-funded and 10 American-funded enterprises took 7.6% and 6.9% respectively, only one European-funded enterprise,which was less than 1%.

In view of investment region, they were mainly distributed in the Economic Development Zone, urban area and Binhai New Area. Among them, 47 business lied in the Economic Development Zone, accounting for 32.4% of the total number of foreign-funded enterprises in the city; 43 businesses suited in the urban area, accounting for 29.7% of the total number of foreign-funded enterprises; 16 businesses lied in the Binhai New Area, accounting for 11% of the total number of foreign-funded enterprises.

In view of investment scale, 83 foreign-owned enterprises that were invested under USD1 million, holding 57% of the total number of all foreign-owned businesses; there were 45 enterprises, whose investment range between over USD1 million and below USD10 million, accounting for 31% of the total number of that; 16 companies that were invested over USD10 million, but it only took 11% of the total number of that.

In view of operation performance, In 2015, seeing the whole city, 60 foreign-funded enterprises were profitable, which took a share of 41% of all such companies in Rushan. The number of profit-made enterprises increased by 18 year on year, the break-even enterprises reached 30, and the number of money-losing enterprises reached 55, decreasing by 11 compared with the corresponding period of the last year.

Approval and Management of Foreign Businesses’ Investment in 2015

In 2015, it was where 8 new established foreign invested projects were covered with USD20.75 million in total investment.(details below the following table) To speed up shifting the negative status of “single structure of foreign capital utilization, lack of storage of foreign capital projects”, based on comprehensive enhancement of the strength and effect of foreign investment introduction, we further focused our concentration on dispatch service in potential foreign-invested projects, approved and established the Shenghai tourism investment development project valued USD4.9 million, completed a business talk with Chengfuhai trading project that were invested USD50 million, resulting in a fresh breakthrough in the service industry using foreign capital, and further expanding the field of foreign-invested project utilization.

 Summary Table of New Established Foreign Investment Projects of Rushan City in 2015

Unit: USD ten thousand


Company Name

Total Investment

Ways of Cooperation

Approval Time



Rushan Shengsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Sole Proprietorship


Economic Development Zone


Rushan Ouyite Food Co., Ltd


Joint Venture


Xujia Town


Rushan Shenghai Tourism Investment and Development Co., Ltd


Joint Venture


Binhai New Area


Rushan Hanrun Clothing Co., Ltd


Joint Venture


Economic Development zone


Rushan Qiugu Trading Co., Ltd


Sole Proprietorship


Baishatan Town


Rushan Tainong Agriculture Development Co.,  Ltd


Sole Proprietorship


Wuji Town


Rushan Pinzhiyuan Fruit and Vegetable Co., Ltd


Joint Venture


Dagushan Town


Rushan Meitai Investment and Consultation Co., Ltd


Joint Venture


Wuji Town

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