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Rushan City emerging industrial park is located in the heartland of "the first beach in the world" – Silver Beach tourism resort, only 2 kilometers vertical distance from the beautiful beach, it is the “industrial park” within the tourism zone. The planned area of 40.79 square kilometers, the park mainly develops emerging industries led by new materials, new energy, new medicine, biological technology, energy saving and environmental protection, electric vehicle, electronic information, it has been approved as Shandong Province Electronic Information Industrial Park and the First Photovoltaic Industry Base in Shandong. Presently, there are 54 enterprises settled in the park, among them, 22 enterprises above certain scale, which formed emerging industrial layout with new energy, new materials, electronic information, new type of building materials as the main body, provided the settlement platform for high-tech industry and low carbon energy-saving environmental protection industry.

I. The park is well matched with complete infrastructures

 (I) Perfect traffic road network. The road network with three levels consisting of trunk road, secondary road, branch road has formed within the park, among them, trunk road is subdivided into traffic trunk road and living trunk road, the trunk roads form basic road skeleton system of “five-longitudinal three-transverse". In the middle of the park, a main road of 10 kilometers length, 100 meters width throughout the east to the west - Taiwan Road, has been built which joins Silver-Gold   Avenue on the east, connects Energy Road on the west, direct access to Rushan Pass port. Taiwan Road, Gold-Silver Avenue, Changjiang Road and Silver-Gold Avenue constitute the main road network framework of New Coastal District industrial park, favorable geographic conditions make the park become the best investment place.

 (II) Supporting facilities of water, electricity, gas and heating. Within the park, there is Silver Beach Thermal Plant with a total investment of CNY500 million, the current supply capacity of 130tons/hour, after completion, the supply capacity will reach 390 tons / hour; tap water main pipe diameter of 1 meter, is west-east directional, daily water supply capacity of up to 30 thousand cubic meters, which can fully guarantee drinking water and industrial water demand of the park; the power grid connects Shandong power grid network, which can supply power in double circuits, power supply of 35 thousand kw/h. At present, the industrial park has 220KV, 110KV, 35KV substations respectively, other 10 sets of 110KV substations are planned to build and matched with 38 sets of 10KV power distribution stations, which can ensure the power supply needs of all projects in the park; the diameter of pipes laid by Silver Beach Gas Co., Ltd. is 159MM, gas supply capacity of 2,200 cubic meters/hour; 1,000 meters in the southwest of the park, a sewage treatment plant is planned to build, total investment of CNY100 million, covering area of 67mu, daily sewage treatment capacity of 30 thousand cubic meters, ecological sewage treatment pipelines in the park have been laid. Road hardening, greening in the park have been completed, pipes and lines of communications, street lamps, water, electricity, gas, heat, rainwater and sewage treatment have been laid in place through Taiwan Road, “seven-connection one-leveling”, the enterprises can abut the pipes and lines according to their actual needs

 (III) Public service upgrading. The park plans to form public service facilities system with three levels of "municipal level – regional level – group level", mainly involving administrative, medical, cultural, sports facilities and other public facilities. Planned administrative land covers 41.7 hectares. The administrative facilities include the neighborhood committee, police station, subdistrict office, industrial and commercial management, municipal management, property management and other facilities. In the aspect of cultural venues, a comprehensive hall, a citizen cultural center, an art performance center and youth activity center are planned. In the aspect of sports facilities, a comprehensive gymnasium with 2,000 seats and a comprehensive natatorium with the size of not less than 3,000m2 are planned to build, the basketball court, tennis court, volleyball court and other small fitness facilities will be set in various parks.

 (IV) Educational, medical and hygienic facilities are available. Presently, there are 1 driver examination center, 1 apartment for the elderly in White Sandy Beach Town and 1 White  Sandy Beach  Town central hospital. It is planned to build 1 nine-year voluntary school, 2 primary schools and 6 preschools; to rebuild and expand White  Sandy Beach  Town central hospital; to continuously improve the educational and medical system.

 (V) Trade service platform. It is planned to build 1 city complex project, 2 shopping malls, including large commercial stores and specialty trade malls; to build 3 hotels at star level and 3 characteristic commercial service blocks at city level; to set 5 farm product markets with construction area of 2,000 m2-3000m2.

II. Development plan of the park

There are 54 various enterprises (22 enterprises above certain scale) in the park, a total investment of CNY3.35 billion. The economic development situation of the park is good, 32 enterprises belonging to seven emerging industries account for 59.3% of the enterprises which proposed to apply for entering "emerging industrial park". In 2014, the park introduced 8 projects with the investment of more than CNY100 million, in the same year, realized gross industrial output value of CNY2.64 billion, industrial added value of CNY670 million, profits and taxes of CNY250 million. Around development of low-carbon economy, circular economy and green economy, the park is accelerating development of seven emerging industries including new materials, new energy, new medicine, biological technology, energy saving and environmental protection, electric vehicle, electronic information and so on.

 (I) Continue to strengthen transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. By means of developing new products, updating manufacturing equipment, improving craft process, expanding scale and innovating techniques, developing marketing channels, establishing own brands etc., the traditional industries in the park continue to strengthen industrial upgrading, increase total product quantity and added value, and promote the enterprises to approach the industry leading level. The park is focusing on guiding the enterprises  including Global Plastics, Huiqing Technology, Fudi Fishing Tackles, Zhenshan Auto, Lujiang Wines etc. to add investment, expand production scale, update production equipment, increase production capacity, create own brands, strive for the provincial innovation platform, research institutions, laboratories, workstations, the park will try its hard to promote innovation and development of the enterprises.

 (II) Cultivate and develop emerging industries. By means of continuous introduction of projects belonging to the seven emerging industries, the park is accelerating development of emerging industry cluster and scale to form regional advantages of emerging industries and promote development level of the park. The park is accelerating completion and starting production of key construction projects including Vertex Technology, Energy Technology, Polysulfone New Materials, Wenxi Biology, Junxiang New Materials, Kanghui Biology etc.. The park will try its best to introduce the project of China-Korea manufacturing industrial group to realize leaping development of the park.

 (III) Seize the chance of e-commerce to promote China-Korea free trade. With the help of Zhichuang incubator e-commerce platform, the park introduces Korean and Japanese e-commerce merchants which can import Korean goods to the local and sell them by use of e-commerce platform, constantly promotes exchange betweenChinaandKorea, builds demonstration project for establishment of China-Korea free trade zone.

 (IV) Emphasize supporting service functions of the industrial park. Relying on its good geographical advantages and resource characteristics, the park takes blue ocean industries, high-end emerging industries, green low carbon industries as the pull engine, emphasizes high-end service functions such as supporting service to city industry transformation, commercial and financial services, enterprise background comprehensive service, supporting service to tourism and residence etc.; forms city comprehensive service aggregation and background service to creative industries by taking information interaction, high-tech industry cultivation and development as the lead, builds a new industrial hub integrating city comprehensive service, commerce and finance, culture and entertainments.


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