New Gulf City Modern Service Industrial Park

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Rushan City modern service industrial park (New Gulf City) was developed from February 2009, located in the southeast coastal area of Rushan City, bordering on Yellow Sea, about 8 kilometers away from the urban, close to Silver Beach tourism resort and Big Rushan scenic zone, total area of 19.1 square kilometers, it is the center area of New Coastal District to develop and construct, also a important composition of blue economic zone of Rushan City.

I. Location advantage

Ji-Wei railway, Qing-Wei high way, National Road 309 and Provincial Road 202 traverse the east and west of this zone; Around Sea Expressway and Provincial Road 207 connect the south and north of this zone, No.2 intercity express rail line which joins Qing-Yan-Wei together will set station in Rushan, if finished, it takes about 3 hours from this zone to Jinan, about 5 hours to Shanghai or Beijing separately; it is less than 5 kilometers away from Rushan Pass port, while Rushan Pass port is navigable with all coastal ports in China; flight time to some cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin etc. is 1 hour and a half, non-stop flight to Seoul, Korea costs more than 1 hour, if stopover in Qingdao, it only costs 3 hours to Fukuoka, Japan.

II. Infrastructure advantage

Up to now, cumulated investment to New Gulf City is about CNY1 billion, main roads of 11.6 kilometers including Sky-Sea Road, North Gulf Road, Kunlun Mountain Road etc. and secondary road bed of more than 20 kilometers including Legend Road, Energy Road etc. have been built up, “three-transverse two-longitudinal” road frame has spread out, rail transit of Rushan old urban district and Silver Beach new urban district is planned to pass through the middle of the park, two stops and supporting transfer facilities of the rail transit will be set within the park. The work of "seven-connection and one-leveling" has been basically completed in the park including water, electricity, communications and so on, which provides the guarantee for the further development.

Heating supply: the park is building a biomass thermal power station, which is a new energy project integrating supply of heating, cooling and domestic hot water. It is proposed to build biomass boiler workshop and pipe network project of 10 thousand square meters and 10 sets of 20-ton biomass boilers, expected heating area is 2 million square meters to meet the heating demand in the park.

Rainwater, sewage treatment: more than 20 thousand meters of rainwater, sewage pipes have been laid. There is a sewage treatment plant. Six sewage treatment stations and several pumping stations are planned to construct, with the increasing number of enterprises entering into the park, the scale can be further expanded.

Tap water: more than 10 thousand meters of tap water pipes have been laid. The urban area has Taiyi reservoir with daily water supply capacity of 40 thousand tons and Dragon Horn Hill reservoir with storage capacity of 130 million cubic meters, which can effectively guarantee industrial and urban living water supply.

Natural gas: the gas pipelines have been laid into the park which can meet industrial gas need of enterprises and living gas need.

III. Policy resource advantage

By means of transforming waste salina, more than 20 thousand mus of construction land are created. When projects are coming into the park, the land formality can be done directly without constraints on new construction land.

In February 2015, Weihai, China and Inchon free trade zone of Korea were listed in China-Korea free trade agreement as local economic cooperation demonstration zone; New Coastal District was listed in key demonstration areas for wellness and health care for the aged of China-Korea free trade zone in Weihai City; Gulf New City will attain better development opportunities in the future as core development area and will become new platform for Rushan to create a new round of economic and social development.

IV. Service environment advantage

Service organization: the municipal government has set up special New Gulf City development and construction office, which is responsible for project services and coordination management of the whole park.

Project services: in accordance with the principle of "non-stop service during whole process", Gulf New City provides the enterprises and projects entering into the park with “nanny” like services. Whether it is domestic or foreign enterprise, the whole process of the investment project from investigation, demonstration, land purchase to plant construction, is whole process agency system of "one-stop office", "all in one service".

1. Investment fields

Rushan City always adheres to the principle of “high starting point, high quality, high-grade”, recruited professional planning department by national public tender, which studied and planned industrial development, determined to develop five key industries including “education and R&D”, “outsourcing services”, “tourism vacation”, “green foods”, “health and wellness”; to focus on development of modern service industry and construct modern service industry park.

 “Education and R&D”, is to focus on development of short-term professional characteristic occupational education to gather popularity for the new park, to provide intelligence service for development of blue economy. “Outsourcing services”, around basic requirements of Qingdao, Weihai, Yantai metropolis circle, based on development demand of regional industries, from low-end to high-end, is to develop outsourcing services, convert and enlarge superior natural advantages into industrial advantages. “Tourism vacation”, is to stagger development of tourism vacation products, develop leisure and health, entertainment and sports items, create characteristic tourism brand which can lead and strengthen regional tourism economy. “Green foods”, is to promote emerging industries such as direct sale of Rushan green foods from the origin, electronic commerce, plant factory etc., to enhance brand reputation of "healthy and safe foods". “Health and wellness”, is to utilize resources of Rushan green foods and pleasant climate, build complex high-end health management center with high-end experience center as the core, integrating leisure and wellness, healthy sports, physiotherapy and health care.

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