Industrial cooperation direction of Rushan city

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[Industrial direction]

Industrial leading industry: 

With many years’ cultivation and development, five leading industries including equipment manufacturing, green food and biotech, new materials, energy saving and environmental protection, textile and garment are formed. The whole city has 362 enterprises above the designed scale, 17 high and new tech enterprises, 21 provincial level enterprise technical centers and 46 famous brand products and famous trademarks above provincial level.
Equipment manufacturing industry. There are 37 enterprises at present with RMB1.5 billion annual output value, main products are special motors, brake pads, steering knuckles, connecting rods, bent axles, valve seats, valve guide pipes, water pumps and machine tools. The emphasis in next step is to develop automobile and spare parts manufacturing, numerically-controlled machine tools, precision casting and processing, marine equipment and engineering machinery, and to positively introduce in new energy automobiles, brake equipment assembly, special automobile repacking and other equipment integration projects.

Green food and biotech industry. At present, there are 35 enterprises with RMB2.7 billion annual output value. Main products are sea food, peanut products, ginger products, fruit cans, fruit juice, wines, starch and tea. In the following days, the emphasis is to develop green food, organic food, nuturious food, functional food industry, to introduce in nano technology, regulating technology, freeze-drying technology, to develop frozen regulating products, small package leisure food, freeze-drying food and instant food, and to positively cultivate health care products, nourishment and other biotech industry.

New material industry. At present, there are 29 enterprises with RMB1 billion annual output value. Main products are silica gel products, new construction materials, and automobile exhaust catalytic materials. In the following days, the emphasis is to develop rare earth catalytic material, advanced macromolecule material and high performance composite material, inorganic silica gel, to make efforts to promote technical research and industrialization of carbon fiber, graphene, nanometer material, biomaterial and other front-end new materials, and to build important automobile exhaust purification material base and the largest functional silica gel manufacturing base in China.

Energy saving and environmental protection industry. At present, there are 21 enterprises with RMB0.8 billion annual output value. Main products are air purification equipment, degradable environmental protection tableware, resource recycling products, utilization of new energy, transformation of energy saving technology and environmental protection consultation service. In the following days, the emphasis is to make every effort to build energy saving and environmental protection industry base centering on energy saving and environmental protection equipment manufacturing, resource recycling use, energy saving and environmental protection technology service and emphasizing on environmental protection equipment, environmental protection construction materials, energy use, and key energy saving technology.

Textile and garment industry. At present, there are more than 1,200 enterprises with 18,000 practitioners and RMB2 billion annual output value. Main products are all kinds of shell fabrics, clothes, bags and suitcases and art wares which are mainly exported. In the following days, the emphasis is to make great efforts to develop functional, characteristic and brand products with advantages in the field of textile fabric, clothes and leather products, to introduce in cloud platform and cloud computer, to promote transformation of traditional industry and to rebuild new advantages of textile and garment industry of Rushan.

Strategic emerging industry:

Health industry. Rely on excellent ecological environment, insist on “health +” development philosophy, make great efforts to develop health manufacturing industry and health service industry, expedite to build high-end, high quality and full-chain “big health” industrial system. The emphasis of health manufacturing industry is to expand and grow the chain of health manufacturing industry centering on manufacturing of nutritious food, biological medicine and health products, the emphasis of health service industry is to center on health care, pension, leisure recreation and health management, to introduce in brand pension institutions, professional medical treatment institutions, high-end health care institutions and to develop chronic disease diagnosis, treatment and recovery, regional physical examination center, professional pension community, cultural and amusement facilities, medical beauty, maternal and infant care, and to promote regional health management level, health care and pension brand. 

Marine economy. Expand “marine granary”, emphasize aquaculture of shellfishes, sea cucumbers and algae, and grow modern fishery bases; make “blue industry” stronger, emphasize to develop marine food, marine biotech and ocean engineering equipment, and create marine industry bases; make “port industry” feasible, emphasize development of cross-border e-commerce and port logistics, and build port logistics base.

Other newly developed industry.Positively develop electronic information, intelligent equipment, Internet of Things, service outsourcing, service trade, headquarters economy, cultural innovation, e-commerce and other newly developed industries.

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