Industrial cooperation and development environment in Rushan

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[Impression of Rushan]

Rushan, close to mountains and sea with beautiful environment, is an emerging ecological garden style costal tourism city. Total area is 1,, the population is 562,000. It is under the jurisdiction of Weihai city, Shandong province, it governs two provincial level development zones which are Economic Development Zone and Yintan Tourism Resort, 14 towns, 1 street, and there are 601 administrative villages in total. 

In recent years, “grow the city with industry, drive by industry, break through and develop service industry” strategy has been implemented, National Environmental Protection Model City, National Ecological City, China Excellent Tourism City, National Garden City, China Love City, China Longevity Town, National Advanced Cultural Town, National Science and Technology Progress Advanced City and other honorary titles are conferred. 

In 2015, it completed regional production output RMB47.72 billion which increased by 8.4%; fixed assets investment was RMB47.5 billion which increased by 13.6%; public financial budget income was RMB3.1 billion which increased by 12.2%; total retail sales of consumer goods was RMB21.42 billion which increased by 11%; total import and export value was USD0.8 billion which increased by 12.6%.
                                                                                                                                     [Development environment]

Natural environment.
Rushan is located in the gold south coast of Shandong Peninsula, it is close to the “magical latitude” northern latitude 37°, belongs to typical warm temperate zone temperature marine climate, it is close to mountains and sea, four seasons are distinctive, there is no severe cold in winter nor intense heat in summer, the annual average temperature is 11.3℃, relative air humidity is 70%, quality of the air and water is better than national standard, daily average value of PM2.5 is about 0.030milligram/m3, number of days with excellent air quality every year in the whole city is more than 300 days, there are more than 70 centenarians alive, and it is honored as one of the best cities most suitable for human habitation. 

Rushan has complete tourism elements, “mountain, sea, bay, beach, island, spring” ecological resources are rich, 12 bays and 13 islands are located along 199km coastal line, Big Rushan has two grade 4A scenic spots and eight grade 3A scenic spots including Juyu Mountain, More Bless Mountain, Xiaotang Hot Spring and Holy Water Palace, over nine million person-time tourists are received every year. 

Yintan: Grade 4A scenic spot, the beach is as white as the silver and extends for over 20km, there are various bathing beaches and marinas and it is honored as “the first beach in the world”.

Big Rushan: Grade 4A scenic spot, it centers on tall and straight big Rushan, mountains, the sea and bays are connected with each other, the lake, the sea and the beach set each other off, it is honore as “Sanya in north”, and it was introduced to the world as a typical case in the 21th United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Locational conditions.
Rushan, Japan and Korea are separated by the sea. Rushan is located in the central area of Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai, it is close to three ports and three air ports of eastern Shandong province, Jinan-Weihai railway, Qingdao-Weihai High Speed, 309 National Highway, Wendeng-Laiyang High Speed (under construction) and 202 provincial highway traverse from east to west, Yantai-Haiyang High Speed and 207 provincial highway traverse from north to south, intercity No. 2 express railroad connecting Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai will have a stop in Rushan, after its construction, it only takes five hours to go to Shanghai and Beijing directly.

Superb geological location makes Rushan integrate in Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai 1h economic circle. Fast development of three cities forms powerful industrial radiation to Rushan, and brings wide consumption market, gross GDP of Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai in 2015 exceeded RMB1.8 trillion, total retail volume of social consumer products was about RMB760 billion.

Material resources.

Rushan is a famous town of fruits and aquatic products, it has nine national geographical indications of apples, peanuts, gingers, oysters, tea, Chinese chestnuts, bartletts, blueberries and cherries, it is the first batch of Exported Agricultural Products Quality Safety Demonstration Area of China and National Green Food Raw Material Standardization Production Base, of which, planting area of apples is 260,000mu and annual productivity is 400,000 tons, planting area of peanuts is 300,000mu and annual productivity is 77,000 tons; aquaculture area of oysters is 80,000mu and annual productivity is 300,000 tons; planting area of gingers is 60,000mu and annual productivity is 300,000 tons; planting area of blueberries is 10,000mu and annual productivity is 3,000 tons. 

Good policies.

China-Korea Free-Trade Zone Local Economic Cooperation Demonstration Zone (Weihai), National Service Trade Innovation Development Pilot City (Weihai), National Independent Innovation Demonstration Area, Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, National “One Belt One Road” Node City, Rushan is located in multiple national level development strategy core area, it enjoys a series preferential policies at the aspect of tax reduction and exemption and approval service, multiple overlapping political conditions inject powerful impetus to regional economic development.

Talents support.

There are more than 20 universities in Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai, they output about 100,000 talents above bachelor degree every year; Vocational School, Art School and Foreign Affairs Translation College in Rushan output more than 8,000 talents every year, and train more than 10,000 person times in short term; Rushan issues talents introduction reward policies, provides RMB500,000-3,000,000 business start funds to high level innovative and career-creating talents, sets up high standard and humanized expert apartment, and releases maximum RMB500,000 settle down subsidies to high level talents. 

Cultural inheritance.

Rushan is famous for “big Rushan” in its territory, it is the hometown of the famous writer Feng Deying, and the location where the story Bitter Herbs, Jasminum Nudiflorum and Wild Chrysanthemum happened, it is the nationwide famous place where ten warriors fought in Mashi Mountain, it is the national patriotism education and demonstration base……red culture with the subject of patriotism, maternal love with the subject of respecting and loving mothers, health care culture with the subject of health and longevity, marine culture with the subject of sea experience, and cooking culture with the subject of sea food in eastern Shandong are widely spread here, which accumulate profound cultural connotation for economic development.

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