welcome to the people’s government of rushan!

Overview of Rushan

Rushan is under the jurisdiction of Weihai City, Shandong Province. It governs the Rushan Economic Development Zone and Yintan Tourism Resort at provincial level, 14 towns, 1 street, and 601 administrative villages in total. Total land area in Rushan is 1,665km2, the population is 560,000.

City Card: Holy Land of Mother Love, B...
Rushan, Shandong has vigorously implemented major projects to replace old growth drivers with new ones, and has established a “3 + 3”industrial system. It has cultivated three traditional industrial clusters of equipment manufacturing, food processing, textile and garment, and three new industrial clusters of health, culture and...
More than 336 cubic meters at 4.65 cubic meters, 216-336 cubic meters at 3.72 cubic meters, less than 216 cubic meters at 2.8 yuan per square meter, natural gas (non-resident) at 3.41 yuan per square meter, industrial steam at 184 yuan per ton, water Price Water type water price (yuan/cubic meter) this price includes water resou...

Project Introduction

  • Equipment Manufacturing Industry

    There are 61 enterprises in equipment manufacturing industry now. The main products are special motors, brake pad, steering knuckle, connecting rod, bent axle etc. A few key projects have been introduced, including Bethel, Hanwei Light New Materials, Hongtong Rail Traffic etc. Some local backbone enterprises have been cultivated...


  • Food processing industry

    Food processing industry. There are more than 110 food processing enterprises in the city now, involving main products seafood, peanut products, ginger products, fruit can, fruit juice, wine, starch, tea etc. The city has introduced projects of OSI husbandry, industrial town of Taila Winery, Shu Tai Lang food, Runxing fruit and ...


  • Textile and apparel industry

    There are more than 70 textile and garment enterprises in Rushan City now. The main products are shell fabrics, garments, bags and suitcases, handiworks etc. Rushan has introduced Dishang Huayue Garment, Dishang Dabo Fashion etc. and cultivated backbone enterprises of Hemp Fortex, Arts & Crafts, Jiali Garment etc. Textile Dyeing...


  • Health and cultural tourism industry

    At present, Rushan has 458 health agencies, more than 2300 health workers, 1 grade-3 class-A general hospital, 1 grade-2 and class-A traditional Chinese medicine hospital, 14 township health centers, Yintan Second People’s Hospital and maternity and childcare hospital. Rushan has introduced some key projects such as Kaibo Medica...


  • Modern Marine Industry

    Rushan is born for sea and thrives for sea. Port was built for business from Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty. The trade with other cities was prosperous in Yuan Dynasty and Ming Dynasty. After national class-A port Rushan Port is opened, Rushan becomes an important maritime transportation junction that connects Southern China, Nor...


  • New Energy Industry

    There are 21 new energy enterprises in Rushan now, involving energy-saving motor, photovoltaic products, cyclic utilization of biomass power generation resources etc. Some key projects have been constructed, including Fhisolar New Energy, Xingyi lithium battery diaphragm, Guorun Zhonghengneng etc. Some comprehensive utilization ...


  • Major District Land Development Project

    Rushan Tongxing Food Peptide Condiment Cooperation Project
    Rushan Dingdian Company Idle Factory Reuse Cooperation Project
    Rushan Zhiying Times Square Reuse Cooperation Project
    Rushan Lock Factory District Land Development Project
    Rushan Caocheng District Land Development Project
    Rushan Donggengjia District Land Development Proje...


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